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In 2005, Sara Chaplin embarked on her wine journey by joining a Colorado wine distribution company, where she initially assisted with marketing and sales. Over the next 15 years, she grew alongside the company, eventually becoming a vital team member responsible for overseeing sales, marketing, and events. As she traveled to vineyards worldwide and indulged in the pleasure of tasting wines, her love and knowledge of wine flourished with each sip.

In 2016, after a decade of dedicated yoga practice, Sara made a decision that would further enrich her life and the lives of others. She enrolled in Yoga Teacher Training, driven by her desire to share her love for the practice with fellow enthusiasts. Her classes are intentionally designed to guide students towards a sense of balance that they can carry into their everyday lives. Sara infuses her teaching with a lighthearted and playful energy, ensuring that her students leave feeling nourished with what they truly need and liberated from what they don't.


In 2022, Sara's two passions seamlessly merged, giving rise to a creative endeavor. She established a platform where she could combine her knowledge and affection for wine and yoga, offering innovative event planning services that embody the essence of both practices.

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